Who are we ?

The “Centre Fédéré en Vérification” is a working group financed since 2002 by the Belgian National Scientific Research Fund (first as an FRFC project, now as a “groupe de contact”). All the research teams from the french part of Belgium that are interested in computer aided verification are present in the working group. The working group organizes seminars and gives the opportunity for tighter cooperation between the teams of the working group.

The CFV organises seminars on computer-aided verification where international as well as local researchers present their recent work. Some of the seminars are in a longer format (about 1h30), allowing for a more in-depth presentation of a topic.



15/12/2023 (10am-5pm) Anne-Kathrin Schmuck
Max-Planck Institute
The Power of Feedback — Rethinking Reactive Synthesis for Autonomy-Driven Control of Cyber-Physical Systems Abstract

09/02/2024 (2pm-5pm) Nikos Tzevelekos
Queen Mary University London
Nominal games, automata and program verification Abstract

15/03/2024 (2pm-5pm) Patricia Bouyer-Decitre
Université Paris-Saclay
Beyond Decisiveness: When Statistical Verification Meets Numerical Verification Abstract

15/03/2024 (2pm-5pm) Scott Buckley
Proving the absence of microarchitectural timing channels in a real-world microkernel. Abstract

19/04/2024 (2pm-5pm) Youssouf Oualhadj
Université Paris-Est Créteil
TBA Abstract

17/05/2024 (10am-5pm) Bengt Jonsson
Uppsala University
TBA Abstract

Past seminars (since 2015)

31/05/2019 Nathan Thomasset Nash equilibria over games equipped with a communication mechanism
31/05/2019 Sophie Pinchinat Model checking over infinite structures: Automatic Structures and Regular Automatic Trees
16/05/2019 Léo Exibard Synthesis of Data Words Transducers
16/05/2019 Stavros Tripakis Recent Work in the Science of Software and Systems
16/05/2019 Aline Goeminne PSPACE algorithm for SPEs in quantitative reachability games
16/05/2019 Benjamin Monmege Robust Controller Synthesis in Timed Automata: A Symbolic Approach
22/02/2019 Florent Delgrange Life is Random, Time is Not: Markov Decision Processes with Window Objectives
22/02/2019 Sylvain Schmitz The complexity of reachability in vector addition systems
22/02/2019 Denis Steckelmacher Learning and Planning in Partially Observable MDPs
22/02/2019 Martin Fränzle What’s to Come is Still Unsure: Automatically Synthesizing and Verifying Controllers Resilient to Delayed Interaction
11/05/2018 Nicolas Mazzocchi A pattern logic for automata with outputs
11/05/2018 Diego Figueira Synchronized word relations
11/05/2018 Shibashis Guha Timed Vacuity (Joint work with Hana Chockler, Orna Kupferman)
11/05/2018 Elham Kashefi Verification of quantum computation
27/04/2018 Isabelle Mainz Efficient Symbolic Representation of Convex Polyhedra in High-Dimensional Spaces
27/04/2018 Pierre Ganty Population Protocols and Predicates
30/03/2018 Guillermo A. Perez Graph-Based Reductions for Model Checking and Learning MDPs
30/03/2018 Jan Křetínský Fast Learning of Small Strategies
30/03/2018 Thomas Brihaye When are Stochastic Transition Systems Tameable?
30/03/2018 Luc de Raedt Probabilistic logic programming and its applications
19/05/2017 Ismael Jecker On Reversible Transducers
19/05/2017 Martin Zimmermann Logics for Hyperproperties
19/05/2017 Benjamin Monmege Optimal Reachability in Divergent Weighted Timed Games
19/05/2017 John Fearnley Recent Advances in Solving Parity Games
05/05/2017 Quentin Hautem Window parity games: an alternative approach toward parity games with time bounds
05/05/2017 Marc Zeitoun Revisiting concatenation hierarchies of regular languages
21/04/2017 Luc Dartois Decidable Logics for Transductions and Data Words
21/04/2017 Olivier Gauwin Two-way vs one-way automata and transducers
10/03/2017 Raphaël Berthon Threshold Constraints with Guarantees for Parity Objectives in Markov Decision Processes
10/03/2017 Marielle Stoelinga Risk happens, and how stochastic model checking can help.
24/02/2017 Victor Marsault Efficient algorithm to decide the periodicity of b-recognisable sets using MSDF convention
24/02/2017 Serge Haddad From Continuous Petri nets to Petri nets and Back
24/02/2017 Dejan Nickovic Temporal Logic as Filtering
24/02/2017 Hsi-Ming Ho Metric Interval Temporal Logic Revisited
20/05/2016 Ismaël Jecker On Equivalence and Uniformisation Problems for Finite Transducers
20/05/2016 Pierre-Alain Reynier Survey on transducers of (nested) words: decidability, logic and algebra
22/04/2016 Guillermo A. Perez Admissibility in Quantitative Graph Games
22/04/2016 Javier Esparza Verification of population protocols
02/04/2016 Several CASSTING 2016: Workshop on Games for the Synthesis of Complex Systems
26/02/2016 Nathan Lhote Towards an algebraic theory of rational word functions
26/02/2016 Parosh Aziz Abdulla Automatic Verification of Linearizability
26/02/2016 Pierre Carlier Decisiveness and stochastic timed automata
26/02/2016 Philippe Schnoebelen Well-Structured Systems: Algorithms and Complexity
29/01/2016 Stéphane Le Roux Nash equilibrium in multi-player multi-outcome games on finite graphs
29/01/2016 Nicolas Markey Temporal logics for multi-player games
20/03/2015 Romain Brenguier Assume-Admissible Synthesis