I am a postdoctoral researcher at ULB in the Verification group, currently working as a member of the ERC inVEST project.

My research is primarily centred on the use of mathematical games in theoretical computer science, in particular games for formal verification and pursuit-evasion games defining structural and algorithmic complexity.


Recent talks

  • MFV Seminar, Brussels 2014 (slides)
  • MFV Seminar, Brussels 2013 (slides)
  • Highlights, Paris 2013 (slides)
  • CSL, Turin 2013 (slides)
  • Verification Seminar, Oxford 2013 (slides)
  • MFV Seminar, Brussels 2013 (slides)
  • LICS, New Orleans 2013 (slides)
  • Logic and Semantics Seminar, Cambridge 2012 (slides)



You can contact me by

  • E-mail: paul.hunter [at]